Community Links

Companies below have generously sponsored the fundraising brochure or donated in other ways:


Guildford Borough Council awarded us a ‘Greening the Borough’ grant to put towards our new energy efficient heating and lighting schemes. The aim is to promote awareness and understanding of the environment.


The Seahorse has been steeped in Shalford history since 1711 and continues to be a popular pub. A cosy atmosphere, real ales, fine wines and a fabulous menu all contribute to this pub being one of the best in the area.

St Mary’s is grateful to the pub for raising over £1,700 from a silent auction in aid of our fund. Deputy Manager Hannah Worlock says “We were more than happy to help St Mary’s Church raise the funds; it is so local to us and it brought the community together to do something thoughtful for the village”.

01483 514351

52-54 The Street, Shalford GU4 8BU


Gordon Murray Design is a British company aiming to be the world leader in automotive design. Gordon Murray, best known for his McLaren F1 and Formula One designs has assembled a team to undertake automotive engineering programmes in an efficient and innovative way. Current projects focus on lightweight, low carbon vehicles alongside a revolutionary automotive manufacturing process. An example being the T.25 City Car - an innovative design for an urban environment vehicle allowing it to exploit efficient parking (3 in 1 parking bay), and manoeuvrability (such as a 6m turning circle) in the types of urban environments it is intended for.

Wharfside, Broadford Park, Shalford GU4 8EP


Hepworth Garage of Shalford provides complete car care including repairs, servicing, MOT testing, electronic tuning, breakdown service, pressure washing and fast–fit exhausts.

01483 567058

The Common, Shalford GU4 8DA


InsideOut Creative is a small Shalford based design studio, expert in creating clear, concise and refreshing designs. Services span from designing and hosting websites to traditional design and print.

01483 535026


Shalford Post Office provides banking, financial services, travel services, postal services, licences & applications, bill payments, phone services, information and a shop.

Open Mon-Fri 9.00am-5.30pm and Sat 9.00am-12.30pm.

01483 573788

28 Kings Road, Shalford


Mason Voller is Shalford’s electrical contractors for all kinds of domestic and commercial electrical services.

01483 572763 or 562596

21 Kings Road, Shalford